With our professional cleaning equipment we can make the exterior of your home look the best it can!

Roof Cleaning

Does your roof need cleaning?

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Driveway Cleaning

We clean all concrete surfaces with our surface cleaner, pressure is adjusted to suit the surface being cleaned. Our Driveway cleaning service is by far our most popular pressure washing service and includes using a pretreatment and specific pressure set using a surface cleaner to clean the driveway, sidewalk, path to front door and the street gutter to the property as standard. Cleaning the street gutter eliminates dirt being pulled back onto the clean driveway after we are finished.

House Wash

We wash the outside walls of the property using pressure
appropriate to the surface finish. Our House wash service
includes window surrounds and the roof edge and soffits.
Entrance ceilings may be rinsed with low pressure
depending on the ceiling material. Wasp and insect nests
can be removed from the surface but may leave a smudge
mark as often the insect eats into the walls finish when
building their nest.

Driveway Pressure Washing

House Wash Pressure Washing

Planter Edging

Planter edging can make for some great hardscaping for your front yard but can also get very dirty and moldy very quickly. We use a mixture of chemical cleaning and pressure washing to clean each stone from every angle to ensure the best clean possible. We adjust our pressures to make sure we don't damage the surrounding foliage.

Paver Sealing

We are a Certified SEK Surebond applicator and we provide paver sealing services. This service includes pressure cleaning the paver system with Sureclean which is SEK's cleaner that does not leave any residue behind. We then add new sand to the paver system that is C144 compliant and also kiln dried and sourced locally here in Florida. The final step is to use SEK Surebond Joint Stabilizing Sealer to seal the paver system together. Once we are complete your pavers will look awesome!

Pool Deck and Enclosure

When we clean an enclosure we make sure to wash from four
different directions to ensure we are providing the best
possible results and removing the green algae from all
sides of the thin screen material. During this process all
accessible faces of the beams are cleaned. To aid in
the cleaning process we first spray the cage with a
pre-treatment that works to remove the algae and mildew which
allows us to use less pressure to be during the rinsing process.

Fishhawk Exterior Pressure Washing

Pool Cage Cleaning

Exterior Gutter Brightening

We use a biodegradable, concentrated cleaner effective at removing oxidation from the exterior of gutters. This removes the unsightly black streaks.

Rust Removal

Irrigation rust can cause unsightly staining where ever the spray lands. We have the correct knowledge and chemicals to treat these issues.

Additional Services

We clean many other outside surface including but not limited to Gutter Brightening, Gutter Cleaning Out,  PVC Fences,  etc. See more images on our work page.

Gutter Cleaning Brightening

Rust Removal Fishhawk Trails


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