Examples of our work

Florida's climate creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow on the exterior of our homes. At Grime Busters Exterior Cleaning we are constantly working on the best methods to remove and keep away these dangerous and unsightly green algae spores. Below are some pictures of cleanings performed using a multitude of different methods to suit the surface we are treating.

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As you can see our methods of cleaning are very effective at bringing the exterior of your home back to life and allowing it to look the way it should. Whether it's painted stucco, flat concrete, brick paver or any other exterior surface our equipment allows us to clean it without damage. We employ techniques from both the soft-washing industry and also the pressure washing industry this gives us the opportunity to fine tune your cleaning needs and accommodate any circumstances.

If you have any questions about a surface you would like to get cleaned give us a call today! We would love to talk to you about it and make an
appointment to come out and evaluate the level of cleaning needed for your home. Please also see out Contact Us page for an easy to fill out form